Taking an Exotic Vacation Together

Flying off on an exotic vacation is a good way to test the merits of a relationship. At the beginning, everything seemed to be going well. Couples often have fun on dates, but a serious relationship requires more than fun. Things can change between partners over time, and one partner often finds the other person does not quite match their expectations. Going someplace neither has been helps each partner to view the other in a new way. Coping with a foreign language or driving on unfamiliar roads stresses the relationship. If the partners can get along without problems at this time, the relationship has a good chance of becoming permanent.

The stresses of travel bring out the best and worst in people. Some cope quite well with adventures. Others sink quickly as they are overwhelmed by the challenges. Taking an exotic vacation together may be the best way to see if the relationship has a future. If not, it is best to find out as soon as possible.