Always on the Road

Two singles looking for a sustainable relationship might find it an exciting proposition to meet and begin dating. If one of them has a job that requires a great deal of travel, it can slow down the process of getting to know each other. They may communicate on a regular basis with texts and phone calls, yet it is not quite the same as being together. Once the relationship has gone past that first exciting phase, it can be difficult to sustain if one person is always on the road. Deciding whether or not to continue the relationship can be a difficult decision.

Travel is often a part of jobs where sales or support are involved, but it can wreak havoc with having a normal life. Those who love their work away from home are often hesitant to switch jobs because they see it as being tied down. They might also prefer to remain in the same position because they have worked hard to establish their career, and leaving a good path might become a setback for them.

Choosing to be with someone who travels a great deal for work can be a sacrifice, but it may also be a boon. Singles who are not quite ready to share their entire life with another person could find the distance of travel suits them. Others might feel the person who travels a lot is not ready to make a true commitment, and that alone could stall a good relationship.

Life and relationships are about making compromises, but some may be too difficult. Those who have a traveling partner will need to decide how much it affects their relationship. The consequences of being apart on a regular basis could be too hard to bear, or it could turn into the partnership of a lifetime if they are willing to be there when their loved one gets home.